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Comparing my blog to other music blogs, I would say we all do relatively the same thing. Some blogs are specific to a type of genre or artist but regardless, each blog usually takes a song or album and reviews it, explaining what they like about it. Although there are so many music blogs out … More music blogs

Fair Use

Going through the Creative Commons Service Engine was a lot more restrictive than I thought.  I tried to find multiple songs but NONE were shown to me because I’m assuming none of them were approved. So, y’all will have to settle for a picture from Google. I chose an Ed Sheeran picture to be the … More Fair Use

Colors- Halsey

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past year knows who Halsey is, or if not by name, the girl that sings on The Chainsmokers song “Closer.” That song is catchy and fun, and it really put her on the map, but many people haven’t listened to her music from her debut album … More Colors- Halsey