Checking In!

Hi all!

At this point in the semester I am happy with how my blog has evolved. In the beginning, I was frustrated with the layout, colors and pictures on my blog. I could not figure out how to work WordPress either which made this project even more difficult. Now, I feel more comfortable with this website, although I wish I could make more blogs about the topic of my blog instead of just class posts. I just need to find the time.

Having to do the class assignments each week has been pretty fun! From learning how to work garageband and screencasting, these projects have given me an opportunity to learn how to work programs that I can take as I advance in my major.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with my blog and left great comments on my work. All feedback is welcome because it will just help me improve my blog as I move forward with it.

Good luck with the rest of your semester everyone!




2 thoughts on “Checking In!

  1. I understand! I was also swamped this semester and regret not being able to devote as much time to this blog as I would have liked. But the most important thing is that you learned from this experience and enjoyed it!


  2. Ditto to everything! I felt very intimidated in the beginning but I’m feeling more comfortable with wordpress. I also lack the time to make posting more often a priority.


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