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Comparing my blog to other music blogs, I would say we all do relatively the same thing. Some blogs are specific to a type of genre or artist but regardless, each blog usually takes a song or album and reviews it, explaining what they like about it. Although there are so many music blogs out there, people really become loyal to the ones they frequent even if it is so similar to someone else’s. I would like to be the blog someone is loyal to, wanting to hear my reviews and my interest in songs. It would be amazing to inspire someone to listen to a different genre or artist and fall in love with it like I did.

In theory, my blog would be about different bands and artists and music genres for my viewers to try out, but I haven’t posted much on that instead using my blog mainly for my class assignments. This is something I would like to change so I can stay relevant with the other music blogs on the web. I think what’s unique about my blog is that I’m not only reviewing music, but allowing my viewers to check out artists across different eras and genres that they wouldn’t necessarily listen to on their own. I am able to provide them with a little background on the artist or song or even a personal reason as to why I enjoy it so maybe they’ll feel more inclined or intrigued to listen.

Many of the “non-mainstream” artists I have discovered have been through blogs so I want to be able to share that experience with everyone!


4 thoughts on “music blogs

  1. I also have a music blog and agree with everything your saying. It’s so hard to make a very unique when, at it’s base, every is talking about the same thing. I haven’t been posting about that much of my favorite music either, but I definitely want to start being more active too. I think it would be cool if you did a new artist each week, I know I’m always looking for new music!


  2. I like your blog because like you said not many can experience “different eras and genres that they wouldn’t necessarily listen to on their own.” Many of the songs I find are usually sitting in my friends car and discovering new songs.


  3. Being a music blog, I completely agree with your response! There are so many blogs out there that tend to focus on only one genre or some dedicated to even one artist! I think it’s good to have variety, to appeal to a wider audience.


  4. I feel like music blogs, or really anything that involves curating or reviewing is less dependent on the content as a whole and moreso the personal preference of the reader. People like you because you have similar taste or they like your style of writing, not so much your breadth of material. A lot of people treat blogs like yours as friends, and that’s why people stay loyal!


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