The Selfie Smasher

I was so excited to have this assignment. As a kid, I would make a million Sims just for the process of making their character. Growing up watching the PowerPuff Girls, this assignment was like a dream come true.

The website was super easy and fun, and easy to navigate. It was straight forward- each category needed to make my avatar was laid out in front of me in its own section so I could easier go back and forth between different categories such as hair color and clothing. I liked choosing clothes that felt the most me and making my hair style something fun so I could live through my character since I won’t dye my hair blue in real life.

I loved the surprise quiz at the end to tell me my superpower since I wasn’t expecting it. I like answering questions like these, much like Buzzfeed quizzes. My end result was the “Selfie Smasher” which I was disappointed in after seeing the cool ones other classmates got. It made me feel like such a millennial which is something I prided myself on not getting wrapped up in. I liked this fun assignment so much that I made the Peanuts one too, just for fun.



2 thoughts on “The Selfie Smasher

  1. Honestly you should just go for matching this look in real life, especially the blue hair color. I was also a huge fan of PowerPuff Girls when I was younger so honestly this assignment was my favorite one to do just because of the fact it was PowerPuff Girls and it’s nice to see my classmates felt the same!!


  2. I think it’s interesting how you wanted your character to be what you wanted to be instead of just a representation of how you are! I think that’s the really cool this about these types of games. You can really do whatever you want, and it’s especially fun when there’s so many options.


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