Fair Use

Going through the Creative Commons Service Engine was a lot more restrictive than I thought.  I tried to find multiple songs but NONE were shown to me because I’m assuming none of them were approved. So, y’all will have to settle for a picture from Google. I chose an Ed Sheeran picture to be the subject of this post because of his new album he just released, Divide. It’s amazing, each song has an intriguing story and sounds phenomenal. Look it up on Spotify if you haven’t already heard it because I’m scared to link it here and it not go along with the copyrighted theme lol.

I’m allowed to use this picture because under the Fair Use Checklist it can be filed under “teaching” since I’m using it to inform my class and blog followers. Although it is available for anyone to see, the likelihood is that it will be a small quantity. The effect that it is used is that there is no significant effect on the market or potential market for copyrighted work, and no copies are being made.

Honestly, I’m a little confused because using this picture seems to be for “entertainment” and “commercial” activity and I’m using the whole content of the picture, but it went through the Creative Commons Service Engine so the fact that it is available must mean it is okay to use.


4 thoughts on “Fair Use

  1. I find it very fun that you chose a picture of Ed Sheeran! I have definitely heard his new songs sooo often and I agree with you that it is amazing. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about this even though it’s “entertainment” and “commercial” because you found it through the Creative Commons Service, which made the filters for you!


  2. It’s good that you chose to post a picture because none of the songs were available for use. I was also confused because it seems like an image for a blog counts as entertainment. All the points you listed from the creative commons checklist make sense because you wouldn’t be trying to make a profit from this blog or this post.


  3. I’m not surprised you had such a hard time finding an image on public domain websites.. Celebrities’ images, even when taken from their fans, have a hard time being sold because it features their likeness and would be considered replacing the sale of their merchandise.


  4. I haven’t gotten around to listening to his new album, but I have heard the ones that played on the radio. What are some of your favorite songs off the album?


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