Checking In!

Hi all! At this point in the semester I am happy with how my blog has evolved. In the beginning, I was frustrated with the layout, colors and pictures on my blog. I could not figure out how to work WordPress either which made this project even more difficult. Now, I feel more comfortable with … More Checking In!

music blogs

Comparing my blog to other music blogs, I would say we all do relatively the same thing. Some blogs are specific to a type of genre or artist but regardless, each blog usually takes a song or album and reviews it, explaining what they like about it. Although there are so many music blogs out … More music blogs

The Selfie Smasher

I was so excited to have this assignment. As a kid, I would make a million Sims just for the process of making their character. Growing up watching the PowerPuff Girls, this assignment was like a dream come true. The website was super easy and fun, and easy to navigate. It was straight forward- each … More The Selfie Smasher

Fair Use

Going through the Creative Commons Service Engine was a lot more restrictive than I thought.  I tried to find multiple songs but NONE were shown to me because I’m assuming none of them were approved. So, y’all will have to settle for a picture from Google. I chose an Ed Sheeran picture to be the … More Fair Use