Promote Me!

Hi guys!

Welcome back from spring break! I hope everyone had a nice time away from school for a bit. Now that we’re back to work, it is a perfect time to promote our blogs!

I would appreciate any way someone wants to promote my blog, even if it is viewing it and showing it to a friend. I’d be flattered that someone shows an interest in my content!

Now if you wanted to promote me on social media, well, that’s bonus points! Thanks for helping me reach a lot more people. Something as simple as a tweet or Facebook post of the link to my blog would give it major PR. These are the easiest social media tools to use because the link is right there for the viewers to click on. Instagram is a good platform as well because pictures are worth a thousand words!

These platforms reach so many people and I’d be happy with however you choose to promote my blog because it will help me attract a bigger following and have more input to my blog and what I should post!

Thanks again for reading my posts!



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