Colors- Halsey

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past year knows who Halsey is, or if not by name, the girl that sings on The Chainsmokers song “Closer.”

That song is catchy and fun, and it really put her on the map, but many people haven’t listened to her music from her debut album she released in 2015, Badlands.

I remember scrolling through Facebook in my dorm room last year and some celebrity shared something about Halsey; and being the music lover that I am I love to discover new music so I clicked on it for a listen. It was her song “Colors” and I loved the eerie indie sound of it. Her voice has such a unique sound it makes her songs so intriguing. Unfortunately this was like a quick fling because after that night I forgot about her and didn’t hear her name until “Closer” came out about 6 months later.

This sparked me to listen back to all of her songs and I fell in love with her sound and her voice again. It was nice to listen to something from a genre that isn’t as commonly played on the radio or in the media.

Here’s the first song I ever heard of hers- “Colors” and the music video is pretty twisted- it’s good.

And for anyone who’s afraid to leave the mainstream world- Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf is in it so that’s a nice way to ease into it.


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