Memes, memes everywhere

I chose a meme well known in 2017, and that is the “Arthur’s fist” meme.  Looking at it, it looks like it has nothing to do with music, but that is where you are wrong. This meme can be used for ANYTHING. explained Arthur’s Fist as a reaction image featuring a screen capture of the protagonist Arthur from the … More Memes, memes everywhere

Promote Me!

Hi guys! Welcome back from spring break! I hope everyone had a nice time away from school for a bit. Now that we’re back to work, it is a perfect time to promote our blogs! I would appreciate any way someone wants to promote my blog, even if it is viewing it and showing it … More Promote Me!

Colors- Halsey

Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock the past year knows who Halsey is, or if not by name, the girl that sings on The Chainsmokers song “Closer.” That song is catchy and fun, and it really put her on the map, but many people haven’t listened to her music from her debut album … More Colors- Halsey