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I would like to take a moment out to praise the Jing gods for making this so easy. It was refreshing to actually understand how to fully work the application for an assignment. I found a blog I use personally, and explained what I like about the layout and design. I used the pause button when the blog took too long to load in between pages so I was not awkwardly waiting silently. My only complaint was that the sound wasn’t the best, it made it seem like my voice was far away and it picked up on any little movement. That could be an issue with my laptop though so I guess I’ll wait and see how everyone else’s turns out.

This skill can come in handy when showing tutorials on how to use websites, and I have watched a video where the instructor is using this tool to work the viewer through the process. I think any employer with an online application or program that involves in depth work online can benefit from this skill. Many people learn better being shown than being told and this tool makes it easy and convenient since a video can be saved and shown over and over again.

The tutorials about garageband used this technique and it was helpful to see exactly what I needed to be clicking on in order to upload and edit my video the proper way. Any project on garageband is a creative project where the skill on screencasting is beneficial in learning how to use the app.

I can definitely see myself using this app in the future, even just to show my parents how to operate the internet. They ask me the same questions every time I am home so I might as well just make a video for them.

UPDATE: I wrote this post as my screencast was saving to the “history” tab, before trying to upload it to my blog. Of course I jinxed myself when I said it was so easy, because now I can’t open a link to upload it to my blog. So nevermind Jing, I am no longer praising your gods.

UPDATE: here’s my screencast, I did it

Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

One thought on “Blog Review

  1. Aw it’s sad to hear that you couldn’t save the screencast to your computer. From your post, it sounds like your screencast was really well made. The fact that you used the pause button strategically means that you really made sure your cast was high quality for the viewers. I agree with the fact that the mic picked up on any movement. My screencast was filled with background noise when I was sitting in my quiet dorm room.I agree with how this could benefit an employer trying to train someone. It would be very useful.


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