Blog Commercial

I always wanted to know how to edit audio and visual videos, but was overwhelmed by the amount of buttons and switches and whatnot on the sites. My roommates have used garageband and Audacity before so they were helpful when I asked how to use the program to its most basic form, literally like how to upload a file. After a few clicks and undo’s, I got the hang of what I needed to do for this assignment. My roommate has a podcast microphone so I hooked that up and used it to record my introduction.

Picking the songs was the easy part. Since the songs could be used to describe me, the author, I just thought of who I am as a person now. Stuck between growing up and wanting to just live life and have fun. My song titles are “Growing Up” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” so obviously I didn’t have to look far. It was fairly easy to know when the make the volume lower for my narration about my blog because of the natural break in the songs. What was more difficult was when to switch from the first song to the next because every time I tried it sounded unnatural. I was able to find a good spot to transition the songs and I cut the second song so it started closer to the chorus where the song had more relevance to my post.

I didn’t have a soundcloud before this project but making one was easy since you can set it up with facebook. I uploaded it there and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easy compared to all the confusing uploading and editing of the header and audio assignments. So, check out my finished commercial for my blog! Woo!


6 thoughts on “Blog Commercial

  1. I think your connection between the blog and life was well done. The thought process that went into choosing the songs and the meanings made me smile. Especially with your blog being about music, I thought this was perfect. In addition, some of the other commercials I’ve listened to had poor volume for the sound. You decreased your volume well for the background music so that all could hear you talking.


  2. You did a great job on your commercial! It’s clear that you know how to change settings on garageband to make the commercial a good one. The music choices were great and even better because this blog is about music! I like how they related to you, it really shows that you care about your blog and that music is important to you.


  3. I think this commercial does a good job of getting your message and purpose of the blog forward. My only critique would be that you don’t start talking until 20 seconds into the video, which I only bring up because people mentioned in mine that I hadn’t started talking until ever further into the commercial and I didn’t even notice. Otherwise, good job.


  4. After listening to your intro, I feel like it was very personable. You seemed to be very comfortable talking while recording your voice which is hard to do. The sound mixing was very well done and mentioning to subscribe is a nice self branding technique.


  5. I really enjoyed listening to your intro! The quality of the music is really clear, and your voice sounds great with the music in the background, I can tell you have some experience with editing audio! I also appreciated this because I’m also creating my blog about music, so it’s interesting to see another blog about the same topic, and how ours are different!


  6. I liked your introduction. The music was clear and so was your voice. You lowered it to a reasonable level so that we were able to actually hear your voice. I appreciate the thought you put into creating your commercial, especially since this is a music blog. You sounded very comfortable, well done!


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